A Midnight Snack

Ever since high school, I’ve never been able to abandon my night owl tendencies. There’s something too difficult about finally giving up my day and acknowledging that it’s time to sleep. So I’m up, browsing my computer, reading a magazine until everyone’s gone to bed and it’s clear I’m probably the only person awake around the block.

Inevitably, once the clock starts hitting the very wee hours I start rummaging, hounding for a decent snack in the kitchen to satiate my grumbling stomach.

Lo and behold, tonight, it happened again. But this time, instead of settling for a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal, my eyes landed upon a few stray cheesesticks sitting in my fridge. And as much as I could’ve, should’ve, gone for the apple right next to them, I couldn’t shake away the desire to make mozzarella sticks.

So I pulled out an egg, the panko and the flour, the bowls and a fork and got to work.

I took a generous spoonful of flour and panko and dumped them (neatly) onto a plate. I didn’t need much because I was only making a few mozzarella sticks.

Then I started drenching the cheese sticks into the egg (which I seasoned with salt and pepper), then into the flour, into the egg again and into the panko. I double coated the sticks to ensure they’d have a thick enough outer coat to encase the cheese.


Now I was ready to fry. A good layer of oil on the pan, no need for too much, and I was set.

The cheese oozed out a little but I just let it crisp up and it became a nice chewy crust.

As the cheese sticks started to brown I thought I might as well take the remaining egg and cook it in the pan as well. I really didn’t have the heart to toss away something perfectly edible. Aren’t I resourceful?


I served the cheese sticks with a couple slices of tomatoes (instead of marinara sauce) and a thin layer of fried egg. A simple snack that was quick, easy and delicious!

Hope you enjoyed!

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